Compatible with Any Smartphone 1
ℹ Any smartphone equipped with NFC technology.

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O imagine care arata arata un angajat care se ponteaza la munca cu telefonul mobil

Sosito turns any smartphone into a time-tracking app

Employees use their own iOS / Android phones to clock in at work.
Managers have real-time access to all time-tracking data, from their phone or PC.

Even clock in offline
No internet? No problem. The app records the clock-in even when there are connection issues.

Why Choose Sosito?

Automatically Generated Reports

Save the time and effort of manually collecting and centralizing attendance logs from each workplace on paper. Generate attendance reports for payroll with a single click.

Punctual Employees

Motivate and hold employees accountable for adhering to work hours by accurately recording time-tracking data.

Real-time Monitoring

Much more efficiently manage multiple workplaces by seeing who is present at each location in real time.

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How It Works?


O imagine care arata niste angajati care s-au pontat la servici cu telefonul mobil

Employees clock in by tapping an NFC tag with their phones.


O imagine care arată un manager care verifică pontajul angajatilor din aplicația mobilă sau de pe un PC

Managers check employees' clock-in from the mobile app or PC.


O persoană responsabilă de la departamentul de HR, care generează și descarcă rapoarte lunare

The HR department generates and downloads monthly reports.



Time Tracking System

Sosito offers a modern and user-friendly time tracking system that allows employees to record their entries and exits with a simple NFC tag touch.

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Real-time Time Tracking

With the real-time tracking feature, managers can accurately see who is present at the workplace at any given moment, facilitating efficient workforce management.

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Overtime Tracker

Sosito monitors employees' overtime hours, helping companies calculate and fairly pay for work done outside regular hours.

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Leave Planner

Adding various types of leave to the platform ensures the creation of accurate and complete reports.

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Shift Scheduling

Sosito enables you to set and manage employee work schedules according to the company's needs, contributing to a fair distribution of tasks.

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Employee Dossier

Sosito's personal file feature keeps relevant information about each employee, including attendance history, leave records, and hiring details.

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Attendance/ITM Reports

Sosito generates detailed attendance reports and can send them directly to the Labor Inspectorate (ITM), ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

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Work Hour Reports

Companies can easily generate work hour reports using Sosito, saving time and resources on data processing.

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The statistics feature provides a comprehensive view of attendance data, helping to identify trends and make informed decisions.

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Payroll/HR Integrations

Sosito can integrate with existing payroll and human resources systems in the company, simplifying administrative processes and eliminating the risk of errors.

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Sosito can send automatic notifications to both employees and managers to remind them of clock-ins, overtime, or leave approvals.

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Single Device

After each employee's initial clock-in, their device will be registered in the system, eliminating any risk of time-tracking fraud.

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Employee Time Tracking Management

With the time-tracking management feature in Sosito, managers can have an overview of employee attendance and make prompt decisions to optimize resources.

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Multiple Locations Support

Sosito is flexible and can be used to manage attendance in multiple locations, making it ideal for companies with multiple workplaces or branches.

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What Our Clients Say

Vlad Dejeu

General Manager
M&C Business

"Sosito was the ideal solution for our company as we have multiple branches, and now, with a single click, I can ensure that all the country's stores are open. We've also greatly reduced the costs associated with manual data processing, as we can now generate attendance reports automatically."


Silviu Moraru

General Manager
Chei Service

"Because we have a large number of employees, it is much easier to monitor their real-time activity using the Sosito timekeeping system. We are confident that the recorded hours are accurate and objective."


Anca Știrbu

HR Specialist

"The system is very easy to understand and use; I can quickly download all the reports I'm interested in to Excel. I have access to historical data, securely stored in my account, which I can later use for reports, analysis, and audits."


Marian Porumb

District Of Toast

"Employees quickly got used to the system, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Since we started using it, there have been no more delays; everyone adheres to the work schedule."


Gain more control over your workforce costs. Accurately calculate overtime, breaks, and worked hours.

Element de design Sosito, o forma geometrica Element de design Sosito, o forma geometrica Element de design Sosito, o forma geometrica

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